Amazing one-of-a-kind unusual portraits

Here in this above pointed out link you will get to see 20 remarkable sort of pictures which are made utilizing numerous type of products. These portraits are quite distinct if you think about the effort and the material used to make them. You will get to see the well-known picture of Mona Lisa is produced with the coffee cups. In some of the pictures, the screws were also utilized to make them. Some of these distinct and amazing pictures are also made using the screws, crayons, too many other house hold materials and the floppy disks also .

So take a look at weird art techniques you always wanted.
Rubik’s Cubes



Floppy Disks

Coffee Cups

Speed Bags

Maps, Atlases and Encylopedias

Junk Mail

Film Tape

Phone Book





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Credit: Mymodernmet