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In this above discussed link you will get to see a few of the incredible images taken by the popular photographer Arnold Newman. This professional photographer is among the most distinguished photographers from all over the world. This photographer has got a fantastic ability of taking pictures of the pictures of the celebrities and the political leaders. This professional photographer took some remarkable pictures of the celebs and for that purpose he has chosen the homely environments. Through his lens he has actually portrayed a few of the expressions in such a way that they look truly unique from every angle.

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Pablo Picasso, Spanish Painter and Sculptor, 1954

Max Ernst, German Painter and Sculptor, 1942

Marc Chagall, Russian/French Painter, 1942

Isamu Noguchi, Japanese American Artist and Landscape Architect, 1947

Man Ray, American Surrealist Painter, 1948

Josef Albers, German-American Painter, 1948

Jackson Pollock, American Painter, 1949

Arp, German-French Painter and Sculptor, 1949

Salvador Dali, Spanish Surrealist Painter, 1951

Dubuffet, French Painter and Sculptor, 1956

Milton Avery, American Modern Painter, 1961

Marcel Duchamp, French Surrealist Painter, 1966

Frank Stella, American Painter, 1967

Claes Oldenburg, Swedish Sculptor, 1967

Leonard Bernstein, American Conductor, 1968

Louise Nevelson, American Sculptor, 1972

Roy Lichtenstein, American Pop Artist, 1976

Joan Mir, Catalan/Spanish Painter and Sculptor, 1979

Arthur Miller, American Playwright, 1947

Ayn Rand, Russian-American Novelist, 1964

Ansel Adams, American Photographer, 1975

Truman Capote, American Novelist, 1977

I.M. Pei, Chinese Architect, 1967

Frank Lloyd Wright, America Architect, 1947

Igor Stravinsky, Russian Composer, Pianist and Conductor, 1946

Credit: Mymodernmet